TRAmp-ST 30 Watt PA-System komplett


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TRAmp ST30 PA System 30 Watt Musikleistung. Komplett UHF Funkmik Handheld, Akku, Ladesystem 220v mit Netzkabel, Zubehörtasche. Staubschutzhaube. SFr. 239.00

PA System 30 Watt Musikleistung. Komplett UHF Funkmik Handheld, Akku, Ladesystem 220v mit Netzkabel, Zubehörtasche.

Mit integriertem USB Player 
SFr. 270.00


This 'baby' packs some powerful acoustics. Featuring a RMS 50-watt amplifier with wired and wireless microphone. Equipped with 3.5mm aux-in/out circuitry.

Powerful RMS 50-Watt Output VHF-200MHz or optional UHF 863~865MHz 16-Preset Frequency Wireless Microphone (Other frequencies are Optional)

Special Features


Introductory model especially for speech application. Compact All-in-One system combination of power amplifier, wired & wireless microphone, tone control, speaker and rechargeable battery.
Clear sound wireless transmission of VHF-200MHz or UHF-800/900MHz w/ 16-freq. selection.
Real unique and multiple application by one-wireless and one-corded microphone
Low-noise wide dynamic amplifier consists of highly balanced tone control of ±10dB
External or internal sound source can be connected by 3.5mm aux-in and out jack.
Separate volume controls for cordless & corded microphone and aux function.
Built-in rechargeable maintenance-free sealed battery runs extremely long operation
Solid construction and elegant tailored design made by strong wooden MDF for powerful sound output
Comes complete with hand-held or tie-pin microphone per order, ready for use
ABMR (Automatic Battery Monitoring & Recovery) to protect rechargeable battery


Wireless microphone




PLL Synthesized 16-selectable frequencies. CPU operation.
Noise-lock and long operational distance without signal dropout.
Excellent frequency response with stable performance.

Treble/Bass Tone control




Treble/Bass tone control in range of ±10dB

Special Note for ABMR(Automatic Battery Monitoring & Recovery System)
All Soundplus amplifiers are armed with ABMR which continuously monitors the battery and automatically turns off the amplifier if voltage drops to a dangerous level. But system can instantly recover by switching on the supplied AC/DC adapter.


Illustration of Component Parts



Technical Specification


Amplifier Specification
Power Output RMS 50-Watt
Number of Mic Inputs 1 x Wired Microphone (1/4�� Phone jack)
1 x UHF Wireless Microphone (Option: VHF Wireless mic)
Operation Approx. 3 ~ 4 hours (Depends on operating condition)
Volume Control 1 x Wireless mic / 1 x Wired mic / 1 x Aux-in
Tone Control 1 x Treble / Bass
Aux.(3.5mm Jack) 1 x Aux-In / 1 x Aux-Out / with Volume control
Speaker 5.1/4" Dynamic Full-range
Battery 12V/3Ah Rechargeable, Maintenance-free
Adapter SMPS AC100~240V / DC15-16V/2A UL/CE/CSA/T횥V��
Charging Approx. 8 - 10 hours
Weight Approx. 6kg Nett
Dimension 170mm(W) x 150mm(D) x 240mm(H)
Wireless System Specification
Carrier Frequency UHF 863 ~ 865MHz (Option : VHF-200MHz)
Oscillation PLL Synthesized
Stability ±0.005% Crystal controlled
Modulation ±15kHz Nor. / ±30kHz Max. w/50µS Pre & De-emphasis
Freq. Response 50Hz ~ 15khz ±2dB
Max. Distortion ≥0.3% at 1kHz, 15kHz DAV
Dynamic Range 90dB
RF Power 10mW (Depends on regulation)
Max. SPL 110dB
RF Sensitivity 0.45µV for 12dB SINAD
Image Rejection 65dB, Typical
S/N More than 90dB
Squelch Quieting More than 90dB