ClearCom DX200

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HME DX200/DX200C

The easy-to-use HME DX200/200C System comes complete with synthesized voice prompts, rechargeable batteries, battery charger and rugged, lightweight COMMUNICATOR®s for reliable and cost-effective operation. With digital encryption and frequency-hopping technologies, you'll never have to worry about unauthorized users hearing your conversation.

Now you can mix and match two COMMUNICATOR models: the WH200 ComLink All-in-One wireless headset (DX200C) or the BP200 Beltpack (DX200) with your choice of plug-in headset. Up to 15 COMMUNICATORs can be assigned to each base station, any four of which can be used in hands-free, full-duplex mode, and a 5th when the base station headset is used. Expandable system enables up to 4 base stations to be used together for a total of 60 COMMUNICATORs with up to 16 in full-duplex, single channel mode.
Wireless Headset ComLink "COMMUNICATOR"
Wireless Wall Station
Battery Charger
Battery Li-ion Rechargeable
Single-muff headset with noise cancelling microphone
Single-muff, lightweight headset with directional microphone
MD-XLR Headset Adapter
MD-XLR Headset Adapter for using terminated dynamic headsets
Beltpack Pouch


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Komplette Systeme:
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Typ Systeme mit fest installierter Basisstation DX200 Nettopreis
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inkl. 8% MwSt.
DX200 System mit 4 Beltpack & 5 Headsets (HS14)
8 Batterien BAT41, Ladegerät AC40A

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DX200 System mit 4 Comlink WH200 wireless Headsets

Beschreibung (2'850 kB) auf Deutsch




in CHF
inkl. 8% MwSt.

HS12 Headset


SFr. 127.70

HS14D Headset


SFr. 392.40

HS15 Single muff lightweight noise-canceling Headset

SFr. 254.95

HS15D Double muff lightweight noise-canceling headset

SFr. 424.95


HS16 Lightweight Headset

SFr. 202.00

HS4-3 Earpiece and Lapel Mic


SFr. 118.40


MD-XLR4M, Adapter Cable for using XL4F terminated dynamic headset

SFr. 115.60


MD-XLR4F, Adapter Cable for using XLRM terminated dynamic headset

SFr. 115.60


MD-XLR5F, Adapter Cable for using XLR5M terminated dynamic headset

SFr. 115.60


Headset Extension Cable, 6 foot for HS14 and HS14D

SFr. 33.45


DX Headset Cable with connector, 48" with mini-DIN

SFr. 33.45

HSI-6000 Interface


SFr. 116.10



Typ Beschreibung Nettopreis
in CHF
inkl. 8% MwSt.
AC40A Battery Charger

SFr. 877.10
BAT41 Rechargeable Battery for WH200 ComLink & BP200 Beltpacs
as included

SFr. 66.85
AC850 Charger

SFr. 1'595.20
BAT850 Battery for MB100 Master Station

SFr. 107.30

CZ 11421  115-240v Universal Powersupply used on all HME units SFr. 205.65

Antennen Zubehör

Typ Beschreibung Nettopreis
in CHF
inkl. 8% MwSt.
Antenna Splitter/Combiner 2.4 GHz

SFr. 164.40
Remote Antenna kit 6 feet SFr. 120.75
Remote Antenna Kit 30 feet SFr. 174.15
   Base Antenna to Basis Station SFr. 79.45

G28066-1, RMK200 Antenna Mounting Kit, 1RU SFr. 197.85

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